Namaste! This website is my offering of love to the world.

Have you noticed how more and more people are finding ways and means to awaken their consciousness through various forms of art and creativity as well as healing methods and modalities? It is happening spontaneously. You cannot ignore your inner calling any longer. Spiritual vibrations are changing within all of us brought on by the most challenging scenarios and circumstances not only in our personal lives, but also out there in the world. Our Higher Self sees our fear, longings, the homesickness for the light, for security and freedom. It sees that we are always searching and on occasion we get lost on paths which have been marked out by society, by the voices of fear telling us about not being enough or not having enough, and the need for protection. These voices were so loud in the past that they have penetrated deeply within us and have become louder than the voice of our hearts, our inner voices. We are all fighting against the voices of fear, the voices of the past.

Having said that, there is a new consciousness emerging as well which is of Love and Light prompting us to remember who we are. Our Innermost Voices can be heard when we take time off for silence, prayer and meditation. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is listening to what God has to say to us. Taking action is doing what God has directed us to do.

Hello, I am Lavina and it is my dearest wish to share with you not only my own journey, but I am inviting my friends to share their areas of interest and creativity too at this website to add sunshine to our little project. Our main purpose is to help you find a new perspective, focus on the positive aspects and outcomes, and be opened to a changed outlook at all that is bogging you down in your life so that you can begin to experience joy and happiness. This is an everyday exercise.

We are each born to be Light workers.

May you find the Light that illuminates your Path and takes you to wherever The Supreme Creator wishes for you to be.

With Love, Light, Peace and Joy.
Lavina Jain